Detroit Fashion Industry On The Rise: Michigan Fashion Week 2013

When we think of the fashion industry, cities like London, Paris, Milan and New York tend to be what come to mind. There’s no question that these cities house some of the best talent and most legendary brands in the world but it’s exciting to see up and coming cities like Detroit starting to stake out their place on the runway.


The second annual, Michigan Fashion Week, which took place September 18-21st, 2013 at the Southfield Civic Center, proved that there is more than enough talent to go around right here in the Detroit fashion industry. The week began with a media reception and continued with various networking events and pre-fashion shows. The finale of Michigan Fashion Week consisted of a showcase fashion show, in which emerging designers, models, hairstylists and makeup artists within the Detroit fashion industry came together for a production that was inspiring and stunning in every aspect.

The fashion world has a tendency to come off a bit stiff and uninviting to those who are not inside of it. But Michigan Fashion Week had a completely different vibe. Between the charismatic stage performers, “real-bodied” models and involvement with local retailers and nonprofits, the week felt like a true celebration of the spirit of Detroit. There is such a solid, passionate community that makes up the expanding Detroit fashion industry and it won’t be long before this city becomes a force to be reckoned with.










Modern Vintage Obsession: Plaid, Plaid, Plaid!

If New York Fashion Week taught us anything, it’s that we’re not the only ones who think plaid is rad! This classic print is everywhere this season and we’re not complaining. Plaid is definitely a bold statement but there’s something irresistibly warm and cozy about it that definitely puts us in a fall state of mind.

Whether it’s a simple oversized button-down, a bold maxi skirt or accessories, this is the season for you to experiment with the many ways to wear plaid. The Swiss September Long Plaid Skirt and Orion Dusted Plaid Button-Down are a couple of our personal favorites.


Places To Go, People To See: Why You Should Feed Your Wanderlust

We all dream of one day being able to travel the world. But more often than not, this dream of ours remains just that—a dream. And who do we blame for this unfulfilled dream? Whether it’s time or money, “reality” is often the culprit. But really, we are the ones to blame.

See, when people think “travel the world”, images of the Eiffel Tower or the snow-capped Swiss Alps come to mind. But one doesn’t necessarily need to travel far from home to see someplace new. In fact, some of our most memorable adventures have taken place in lesser known locations only a few miles down the highway. There is beauty everywhere if you just open your eyes to it. You may never make it to Paris, but there are plenty of other places that you can and should explore. Because traveling is good for your well being! Here’s why:


An Expanded Circle Of Friends
New places means new people. Whether it’s the fellow tourists sitting next to you on the trolley or the local waiting in line for her regular morning coffee, don’t be afraid to start a conversation with the people you encounter. You never know where a conversation or a new friendship may lead. Hearing others’ life stories can be so fascinating and who knows, you may cross paths again someday! As you travel the world, be mindful that this is an opportunity to build your network and open up the doors to new opportunities. And thanks to things like social media, it’s so easy to connect with people you meet along the way and keep in touch.

A New Perspective
Whether you realize it or not, as a member of your local community, there is an unspoken expectation that you must live in such a way that your values reflect those of the community. Adapting to our surroundings is simply just human nature but sometimes it’s good to consider different perspectives before committing yourself to the recommended values placed in front of you. For example, most American communities value hard work above everything else and therefore those who appear to work the hardest tend to gain the most respect. But there are other cultures that value a balanced and an enjoyable life above all else. Rather than being workaholics, these people make time to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Neither way is right or wrong but it’s good to at least consider these different perspectives as you determine what’s most important to you.

Learn About Yourself
As you travel the world, you will encounter many things you’ve never experienced before. Trying something new is a great opportunity to both expand your knowledge and skills as well as discover new interests. You might really love white water rafting, but you’ll never know unless you try! Traveling is perfect for getting in touch with ourselves. And it also makes us more interesting to others. Each one of us is unique and for our lives to be full and beautiful, we need to embrace everything that makes us that way.

Creating something new or solving a problem can be a difficult task if we get trapped inside of a routine and don’t venture out every once in awhile. We all need a little inspiration sometimes to help us figure out our next step. When you travel the world, the abundance of new scenery, people, food, fashion and culture provides inspiration for days.

Memories That Will Last A Lifetime
Life is for living. So don’t let your horrible job, struggles with weight or fears of being single forever consume your life. Live in the moment and be spontaneous. Travel the world, dance on tables, talk to strangers, eat snails! This is how you make memories. You can plan all you want, but life never turns out the way we plan it. So just roll with it, have as much fun as you can and have faith in the fact that we each have our own unique journey.

Feed your wanderlust right now and visit for a fun, wearable adventure!

The Dlabeled Doors Are Open!

We’re so excited to announce that our online store is finally open and fully stocked with modern vintage treasures. As you can see, we kinda like to travel. Although Detroit is our home, we scour the world for the coolest and most unique vintage fashions so that we can share them with you. Because where’s the fun in looking like everybody else, right?! Everyday is an adventure here at Dlabeled and we work hard to maintain a constant flow of new inventory. So check in with us often! If nothing speaks to you today, come back tomorrow. We’re new on the scene so any and all feedback is appreciated. We want your Dlabeled experience to be a positive one even if that means making a few changes along the way. Anyways, thanks for stopping by. Now go check out Happy shopping!




Wanderlust List: Ann Arbor Art Fair, Michigan

When thinking of cool places to visit in Michigan, the eclectic college town of Ann Arbor is sure to come to mind. But for those who flock to the annual Ann Arbor Art Fair every summer, most will agree that this event is an entirely unique experience in itself. With almost a thousand artists showcasing their work this year, there really is something for every taste.


Image 5

I quite enjoyed the spoon man and can’t stop obsessing over my new ring.

Image 7

Image 8

If art isn’t really your thing, many of the local boutiques and retailers host sidewalk sales, which is where I personally end up spending all my money. There are more food vendors at this fair than you will know what to do with but I highly suggest giving one of the local restaurants a try. Our crepes and sangria were to die for.


One of the artists, a photographer, told a story of a woman and her daughter who had both wandered by his tent earlier that day. The woman turned to her daughter and said something along the lines of, “You better study hard or else you’ll have to make stuff and sell it like all of these people”. The truth is, this photographer is actually an educated retiree who spent many years as a respected television network director. He doesn’t sell his photographs for the money or the glory. He simply just enjoys being able to create works of art that people actually want to hang in their homes. And that is something that should be applauded! If we all lived our lives this way, there would probably be a lot more happy people in the world. Do what you love and never be too quick to judge a person.


Modern Vintage Obsession: Unbuttoned Button-Downs

You know that rotation of sweaters in your closet that you secretly can’t stand to look at anymore yet continue to wear every week because they’re the only ones you have? Expand your layer options but incorporating an oversized button-down into your wardrobe and wearing it open over a basic tank or fitted tee. This modern vintage staple is available in a variety of patterns and solids, making it easy to find one for every outfit!

Play around and experiment with different ways to wear it. I like to cuff the sleeves and wear it with an armful of bangles or an oversized watch. They look great with skinny jeans and are also an easy way to make a dress look a bit more casual.